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Jan 11, 2013 6:30am PST
on the river for 7 days in a canoe. and i tied off and broke through the tamarisk which if you've ever been down on those desert rivers, the tamarisk, the invasive species of plant that runs along the shore line, it makes this jungle, this dry, hard jungle that you just work your way through until you have sticks stabbed into your ears and hair and tamis buds is what they call it, it's the stuff that rains down off these trees and it fills up the back of your shirt. i came up to this flat area and this cliff was there and i saw a piece of pottery on the ground, a broken piece of pottery. if you start looking around, you see broken pieces of pottery that date back 800 years, 900, 1200 years, and i dropped down on my hands and knees when i saw that one and i started brushing away sand until i could see others and i blew the sand away and i could see the rim of a broken pot. once i saw that, my eye was much sharper and i could see the details around me. i could see a small community, a family of maybe 12 had lived here. when i looked up into the cliff, i saw stacks of rock behind a little spal
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Jan 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
bullet storm, grand theft auto cano, film like american psycho, natural born killers. >> jon: natural born killer and american psycho. holy -- has it been that long since we've had a conversation with gun control. been that long that we've deflected the gun control argument with the corrupt hollywood media argument? that french guys had a point. [ laughter ] it may be an indirect influence but there's no question we glorify violence in our culture. if a massacre occurs in a schoolhouse and tv network heads have to scramble to see if it's going to bump up against the primetime epid sic schedule that's a (bleep) problem. is this terrible massacre going to effect our new show "massacre" fridays at 8:00. the hot lead to corps raper svu starring -- as for violent video games i guess they are out there. the dutch spend more on video games than we do and have less violence. to be fair their video games are the first person dike plugging drawma. [ laughter ] we have to talk about the culture and see if it's adding to the soup. but let's look at all of our culture, hollywood's influence on tha
Jan 16, 2013 6:00am PST
world's rena knack cano explains. >> reporter: the concert master for the vienna philharmonic orchestra has played with them more four decades and described as living legend. he brought an elite group of the orchestra's musicians to japan for a new year's concert. everything about him is traditional. his music, his violin, his style. except for his bow. >> i did not expect is this sound. music is another thing with tradition, think about tradition but not here. but not here. such good material, why should you not play it? there is no reason not to play. >> reporter: the bow is like an extension of the string player's arm. some would argue it is equally as important as the violin itself. a group of engineers has spent years creating an unorthodox bow. now, they have convinced one of the best violinists in the world that their creation may be the way of the future. their challenge to create a quality, high-quality carbon fiber bow that looks, feels and sounds like a wooden one. designers analyzed every variable of the best bows. and even teamed up with the engineers from the firm's car pa
Jan 10, 2013 9:30pm PST
want to find out if there is progress made and if we have a date set for that. >> ka canoes will be provided? >> [speaker not understood]. we have not set a date for that e. we have been trying to set a meeting with management for rec and park the next week or so. we can actually set a date and set an agenda for that. >> so, if you could please by our next meeting have a date, couple of proposed dates for us to review, that would be great. thank you. >> great. any other comments on that? all right. item number 10. >> item 10, approve amendment no. 1 to agreement cs-968, environmental analysis services for the upper alameda creek filter gallery project, with environmental science associates to provide environmental analysis services and permitting support; and authorize the general manager to execute this amendment with a time extension of six years, for a total agreement of duration of eight years, 10 months. >> [speaker not understood]. good afternoon, commissioners. tm kelly. this project, the alameda creek, per alameda creek filter gallery project is located in [speaker n
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
el segundo ataque contra la infraestructura petrolera del norte de santander... al oleoducto can~o limon-coven- ~as...este es el segundo ataque en menos de 3 dias..el incidente causo derrame de crudo sobre un rio...aun se buenas tardes, hoy es miercoles, estamos en medio de la semana laboral y las condiciones atmosfericas se van inclinando poco a poco a nuestro favor... aunque se aproxima la lluvia y abundante nubosidad la buena noticia es que para el fin de semana pudieramos alcanzar casi los setenta grados... actualmente tenemos un dia mayormente nublado con temperatura de 48 grados y viento en calma... a nivel regional se observaron algunas llovizanas aisladas... y un aumento en la nubosidad... esta noche esperamos un cielo parcialmente nublado con una temperatura minima de 38 grados... maÑana jueves tendremos una temperatura maxima de 53 grados con cielo despejado soleado, en horas de la noche esperamos una temperatura minima de 37 grados... los dejo con el pronostico extendido... observen que se incrementa la nubosidad en el area metropolitana, este viernes existe un 40% de p
FOX Business
Jan 9, 2013 6:00pm EST
a canoe, title, and cream of mushroom. registered on the stay in business january 9th, 107 years ago today. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ gerri: did you hear the story we have at the top of the show? a couple from orlando facing fines for grilling a vegetable garden in their front yard. as much as $500 per day. is that fair? should you be able to do what you want in your own yard? matt says this, if you own it you should be able to do any illegal activity you want. unfortunately the garden is illegal per city code. while many are ridiculous, they are a lot. john writes, why not. it is your yard. you're paying for it. we also asked on 90 percent said yes, 2 percent said no. log on to for
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Jan 5, 2013 9:00am PST
that the republicans learned from the of this fias cano and go on optmist being offense and pass several bill house such as you can't use medicare money to finance obama care and having social security bonds converted in marketable bond and what that means, uma, if they have a debt ceiling impasse. social security can sell them and make payments. the biggest card they have is if they don't extend the ceiling. republicans have to take that off of the table and the house can start it by saying worthless ious. to be converted in markable bonds . >> and there is no shortage in the fireworks in the weeks and months to come. >> unfortunately. we'll be witness to all thav soon. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you, uma. >> the federal judge is handing them a victory . epa overstepped the bounds by attempting to regulate storm run off as a pollutant. it was making a power and land grab. it was ridiculous for the agency to call water itself a pollutant. >> the clean water act is supposed to keep the water clean . treating it like it is it a pollutant is asinine under the clean water act. >> the ruli
Dec 31, 2012 6:30pm PST
salsa, desde detael salvador. >>> hombres y mujeres de pelo cano recibirÁn el aÑo nuevo bailando sin cesar. >>> se bailan todos los ritmos de aquella Época, menos los modernos, es un baile adulautoos mayores. >>> a juzgar por la agilidad con que se mueven, la dad es lo de menos, tangos. merengues. y rock and roll se bailan con maestrÍa durante horas que dejarÍan exhaustos a alguien 60 aÑos menor que ellos. >>> son buenos bailarines, no tengo queja de ninguno. >>> entre estos jÓvenes de espÍritu, hay artistas, funcionarios, obreros y hasta reinas de belleza, como ofelia de zelaya, la reina vitalicia del club de baile y una asidua asistente. >>> a los 83 aÑos estar en ese puesto, cÓmo se imagina. >>> el club de baile del salvador, fue fundado por vÍctor tizon un famoso locutor retirado que incluso encontrÓ un nuevo amor en la pista de baile. >>> entra soltera y termina casada aquÍ en el club. el club de baile tiene mÁs de 2 mil socios. cientos de ellos se reÚnen cada tarde de sÁbado para disfrutar de la vida sanamente. >>> hemos hecho como 5 matrimonios que nos vemos en l
Jan 25, 2013 7:00am PST
, the obsidian night closing around me. i climbed into the canoe and swept the paddle across the water, setting a wake across the mirror of stars. i'd like to show you some images from this place. this place being the southwest where i have spent my entire life. i don't know how far i've walked out there. i don't know how many pairs of boots that i've gone through where i've taken needles and dental floss and sewed the leather back together. i don't know how long i've been walking out there. and miles don't matter, days don't matter. it all adds up into this, into movement, into walking through the labyrinth that's opened up into the ground. finding places, places to camp behind cliffs that have fallen, finding sanctuary, places where the wind won't touch you, places that are eroded out of the earth like bones. everything is revealed in the desert. there are no questions out there. there's just ground, solid ground, opened layer after layer after layer. some people come back from, say, the edge of the grand canyon and they say it makes them feel small. i understand that but i think it may be a
Jan 18, 2013 6:30pm EST
jorge, vamos con otros asuntos, muchos interrogantes surgieron luego que un supuesto sicario mesji cano confesarÁ en "primer impacto" de univisiÓn, que es un asesino y entre sus vÍctimas estÁ el agente fronterizo brian terry, el fbi dijo que el hombre mintiÓ para llacomercios la atenciÓn, la familia del agente reaccionÓ ante la confesion, tifany trae su opiniÓn. >>> mientras agentes del fbi en texas interrogaban a gustavo cruz lozano de su posible participaciÓn en la muerte del agente terry en detroit michigan la familia terry fue tomada por sorpresa con la confesiÓn que dio el sicario frente a las cÁmaras de univisiÓn. >>> (hablan en inglÉs). >>> desde el comienzo el fbi no nos contactÓ, siempre nos enteramos por los medios de comunicaciÓn nunca lo escuchamos de los fiscales o del fbi, dijo el hermano mayor del agente asesinado. >>> las autoridad federales dijeron que habÍa solo 5 narcotraficantes que usando armas de la operaciÓn rÁpido y furioso entraron en un fuerte intercambio de fuego con la patrulla fronteriza en el desierto dae rizona, se acusÓ formalmente a lo
Jan 6, 2013 6:00pm PST
goofing off in my writer's room, we're going li like -- ♪ ♪ butterfly in the sky i cano twice as high ♪ ♪ take a look it's in a book at reading rainbow ♪ ♪ reading rainbow ♪ i can go anywhere. i can go anywhere ♪ ♪ friends who know wait to grow and reading rainbow ♪ ♪ reading rainbow ♪ there's a monster at the
Jan 15, 2013 4:00pm EST
in the canoe and hoping nobody will tip it over, and you've got to just say quit the phoniness. quit the crap. quit the hypocrisy. quit the disgust. quit embarrassing america because everybody knows you don't like each other and you're trying to pretend you do. give up the hate. hatred corhodes the container it's carried n.give up the pettiness and go see the movie "lincoln." >> they are not doing it. i guess my question is what the implications? what happens if we don't get these spending cuts, because, i don't know. i'm sort of giving up on the spending cuts. we're not making it happen here. so let's say we keep kicking the can down the road and we've got 16.4 trillion in debt and in a couple of years it goes to $22 trillion in debt. give us your take on what happens to america in the neck ten years. how do you see it? >> oh, i can do that because of the brilliance that i have. let me tell you what will happen. there's a thing out there called the markets. the markets are a nebulous thing, but i'll tell you who they are. they are people who loaned us money, and they are going to say, well,
Jan 9, 2013 5:00pm EST
candidate like elizabeth warn for senate, and allen grace in florida, and people in california like mark decano and mark pecan in florida. the list goes on and on. they are democrats, but they are the people who are bold fighters. we're trying to change the democratic party from within. there are people who talk about building a progressive party, that could be in the future, but bottom line is are you standing up for principle? are you fighting? one thing we fight for as part of the effort to retake the democratic party is campaign finance reform. public funding of congressional election. for a preview of how the basis works is, well, right now, politicians are incement vised to call billionaires asking for thousands of dollars. 23 you raise $5, you get a chunk of public money. if you opt in and raise $100 max, every dollar you raise get matched four or five to one depending on the proposal. that insent vises people building a grassroots base, not going into a little tiny room, a bright light, calling millionaires, but being back in the dribbing, talking to voters, cultivating donations. it wo
Jan 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
. we've got some of the best golf in the world. >> you got to be careful. i almost ruined the canoe brook whole course when i went there. divots everywhere. go ahead. >> caller: my divot goes farther than the ball. i bought lumber liquidators, i paid $20 and change. closed friday at $53 i think. i sold some, i got my original investment back. i love it. i did the -- i used them personally in my home. they were great. the prices were good. the -- incredible selection. ten times more than anybody else. they were there, they said ten to 11, they were there between 10:00 and 11:00, they had their own installers. they couldn't have done a better job. was a wonderful experience that we don't have much today with the way things are. >> do you know why that is? they are an operator which is why i put them on the show. i totally agree. you've already done the right thing. you've taken out the cash. that's one of cramer's rules. you let the rest run. i agree, l.l. is a terrific company, and they're always welcome. it was the first time on tv. first on cnbc, but i like them. let's go to eleni
Jan 2, 2013 5:00pm EST
are truly all together in the same canoe. if we paddle together in unison, we can travel great distances. if the two sides of the canoe paddle in opposite directions, we will go in circles. i urge my colleagues to take this traditional hawaiian symbol to heart and put the american people first by working together. i want to say mahalo maa loa thank you very much to my incredible staff. after 36 years there are far too many individuals to name, so i will just thank all of my current and former staff members in my senate and house offices and under my committees, including indian affairs veterans' affairs and the subcommittee on oversight of government management, the federal work force and the district of columbia. i want to thank the hundreds of employees who work for the architect of the capitol and the sergeant at arms. without the hard work they do every day we could not do what we do in the senate. mahalo, thank you 0 the floor and the leadership staff as well i also want to thank chaplain barry black who has provided me so much guidance and strength and has done more to bring the tw
Jan 3, 2013 7:00am EST
that with a wrecked canoe. oh! mi celular! my cell is full of water. it's useless! stay calm, everyone. someone's bound to come looking for us. how could they? no one knows we're here. hey, truman's right. don't look at me. it's not my fault. what do you mean, it's not your fault? you were the one who said... you're coming with me on a trip. and you were the one who said... i need your cooperation to keep it top secret. you can't tell anyone. and weren't you the one who said... let's leave from the far side of the lake so no one sees us. and you definitely were the one who said: (wind whistles, thunder rumbles) those aren't rain clouds they're sprinkle clouds! truman: and now look-- we're stranded! and we still don't know why we're here. td's right, carolina. what's the big secret? why did you bring us all here? all right, i'll tell you. but you have to promise to keep it secret. (sighs) if anyone found out where we were going or what we were doing the whole mission would be ruined. what mission? it all started last friday at school. it was a perfect day. ♪ friday! ♪
FOX News
Jan 25, 2013 10:00am PST
of the water and wouldn't get hypothermia. and look for the owners. and why didn't they get a canoe. why a zip line and harness? that's elaborate. isn't it? if nobody claims the fogg she'll be put up for adoption, and we'll follow-up and see if they find the owners or gets a new home. harvard scientist, harvard scientist is now cleaning up a controversial debate that began with what is likely the most mind blowing misunderstanding of all time. and all over the idea that modern scientists could soon be able to, and perhaps should clone a neanderthal and that he's in search of a woman, this scientist allegedly, to give birth to a caveman baby. we're not kidding. have you seen the headlines? and now the scientist is coming out and saying not exactly. trace gallagher has the update. trace. >> reporter: his name is george church, a prominent genetic expert from harvard and he absolutely believed that some day we will in fact clone an extinct human being like a neanderthal that lived 40 to 45,000 years ago, here is why, because scientists have recovered dna from the fossils and if you could figure
Jan 27, 2013 6:00am PST
been introduced to hawaii by polynesian explorers who sailed here in canoes from tahiti. >> we like to use as many things as we can that we grew. >> reporter: and it's had its own history in this family for three generationment. rowen, her niece amy mills and mother maureen mcdonald can often be found stringing flowers. >> in hawaii we have a thing here called the aloha spirit. if the aloha spirit was tangible, if it was something you could see touch and hold in your hand or wear on your body, it would be a lei. >> reporter: we watched as marie strung around 1,000 tiny cigar flowers into one lei. what does it take to be a master lei-maker? >> i don't know. reporter: they call you one. i know they call me one. reporter: maureen has written two books on the subject and says above all giving a lei is a sign of respect. you're justin speiered by whatever is around you. >> yes. reporter: 34 years ago the family planted this nearly 10-acre farm. they call it a name which means flower place. >> somebody may need a lei and they'll want a red one. this is a tropical drop rhododendron. they'r
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am PST
an untamed river by canoe in appalachia. they end up in hillbilly hell lost in a deprave d'back woodingswoodd'backwoods culture. they found the beauty where the movie was shot. people wanted to experience the river themselves. isolated mountain communities, and they suddenly had tourists. 30,000 people a year raft these waters, a $20 million a year local industry. but the movie's impact went well beyond the river's banks. in the movie north georgia was discovered. the state's movie industry took off. so many tourists came the river became federally protected. it can never be dammed or protected. but to this day some locals hate "deliverance". >> not at all. >> reporter: barbara woodall is a author, grandmother and self-described plain old mountain gal. she says the movie put north georgia on the map for all the wrong reasons. >> it was just repulsive, the stereotyping. >> reporter: what in particular? >> what stereotyping? oh, that we're all ignorant stupid hillbillies straight from the land of nine-fingered people. >> talk about the fishing season. t
Jan 1, 2013 7:00am EST
an untamed river by canoe in southern appalachia. they end up in hillbilly hell. lost in a depraved backwoods culture. >> squeal. >> reporter: audiences saw brutality and beauty. especially in north gaeorgia's c chatooga river where the movie was shot. 30,000 people a year raft these waters. a $20 million local industry. but the movie's impact went well beyond the river's banks. in "deliverance" north georgia was discovered. the state's movie industry took off. so many tourists came the chatooga river became federally protected. it can never be dammed or developed. but to this day some locals hate "deliverance." >> i find "deliverance" less tasty than -- not at all. >> barbara woodall is an author, a grandmother, and a self-brabed plain ole mountain gal. she says "deliverance" put north georgia on the map for all the wrong reasons. >> it was just repulsive. the stereotyping. >> reporter: what in particular? >> what stereotyping? oh, that we're all ignorant, stupid hillbillies straight from the land of nine-fingered people. >> talk about genetic deficiencies. >> good forbid you come face to fa
Jan 15, 2013 7:00am PST
bustamante fueron muertos por grupos mesgui canos mexicanos de drogas. >>> y ahora donaron en mÉxico millones de dÓlares para avanzar con la conectividat en internet, lo hizo un magnate. >>> y bueno, vamos con allan y ana patricia. >>> hola, yo no me aburro aquÍ. >>> a nosotros nos falta creatividad. >>> esto no es trabajo, es curso de... >>> se pega, se pega. >>> oye, los voy a invitar a raulito y zuni. >>> aquÍ mismo, sueltalo, sueltalo, ya tu sabes. >>> ya no, de veras que para ridiculos estamos muy buenos. >>> la creatividad no se nos va a esta hora. >>> vamos con... ay, me cansÉ. ♪. ♪. ♪. >>> llegamos a martes, mediados de mes, la luna se conecta con piscis y pluton, energÍa pesada, pero muestra tu mejor sonrisa. aries, dÍa para dedicarte a ti mism mismo. tauro, te ocupas mÁs de las personas, todo lo que tiene que ver con el pÚblico te favorece, abre bien tus ojos y mira bien a tualrededor. gÉminis tienes un encuentro muy importante con una persona. cÁncer, dÍa indicado para ampliar conocimientos, ve a una biblioteca y dÍa para estar contigo mismo. leo, cero discusiÓn,
Jan 8, 2013 1:00pm PST
without a flag. >> reporter: he paddled out in a canoe. soon helicopters hovered and police boats approached. >> i have no weapons or nothing like that, if the police are going to get involved. >> reporter: the star jet roller coaster became a star, a monument to the destruction of the storm. it was visited by everyone from the vice president to new jersey's governor. president obama flew over it and now this. angelo planned to stay on top of the coaster for a couple of days. he packed food, clothing, a wet suit and even a sleeping bag. he had a little camera on his helmet. officers tried to coax him down over his cell phone. according to the police chief of seaside heights -- >> i don't think the kid's got a bad bone in his body. i just think he's misplaced. >> reporter: he called the surf his backyard. his mom said he was motivated by -- >> a love for something gone and lost, i guess. and you know, he's displaced as many others are. tired of living hand to mouth. >> reporter: within an hour or so police coaxed him down. he was
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am EST
well done, i must say. let's get in the canoe and see how it looks from the lake. great. oh! well, you, uh, already ate your lunch, huh? no, i-i... when did i eat my lunch? heave... ...ho! say, did you take the paddles? huh... i always leave 'em on the seat. i... i don't know. listen, something very peculiar is going on around here. you're telling me. believe me i am normally a very organized and unforgetful man. (george hoots and laughs) oh, i should've known. looks like i'm the forgetful one. i forgot how much mischief a monkey can make. (man laughs) (both grunting) (george chattering gleefully) well, what have we here? it looks like a fish canal. uh-huh. you are some smart monkey. (laughs) (horn beeps) i'm back! and we saved sally's tooth! did you save the fish? uh-huh. george had saved five fish. wow, that's great, george. wait. the lonely fish is still there. (chatters) (chatters "over here!") you know, i think we should just chase him. (grunts) hey! (both laughing) aha! (grunts) (chatters "all right!") we did it! the fish found his family. nice job, everyone. we
Jan 28, 2013 7:00am PST
, platícanos right now. >> atención, según autoridades medicas dicen que hay un nuevo virus, el norovirus, se por opaga rápidamente en estados unidos, hasta el momento se han reportado más de 140 brotes por el país, por eso es importante prevenirlo y está el doctor para hablarnos de este virus, ¿qué es exactamente el norovirus ?. >> es el virus más común en estados unidos que causa gastroenterites . >> ¿cómo se transmite?. >> con personas contaminadas, dando la pamon, ropa, objetos . >> los síntomas se presentan entre 24-48 horas después de la exposición del virus ¿cuáles son los síntomas ?. >> vomito, naúseas, escalofríos , fiebre . >> ¿le da a cualquiera ?. >> a cualquiera . >> ¿puede morir alguien por esto ?. >> sí, . >> increíble, ¿existe vacuna ?. >> no hay vacuna,no hay antibiótico ,líquido, apoyo ,pero lo más importante es la prevención . >> esa es la clave, porque nos dice que no hay vacuna . >> lo más importante es lavarte las manos por lo menos un minuto lavarte las manos . >> un minuto enjaboanrte bien. >> esencialmente si estás cuidando aún person
Jan 22, 2013 7:00am EST
. >>> a qué edad empezaste en el negocio? >>> a los 13 años- >>> ahora tienes 24! >>> así es. >>> oye, y platícanos del sico, nos encanta, con ucha energía. >>> si, representa que tienes que disfrutar la vida y vivirla al máximo y aprovechar de enfrentar las cosas, los retos y demáses. así con el poder de la lucha y salir para delante. >>> vemos que hay mucha coreografía, vestuario, modelos, dónde grabaron? >>> aquí en miami. >>> no invitaste compadre! >>> el video representa enfrentamientos, persecusión, atrevimiento y las cosas que nos enfrentamos y vencemos. es un video divertido y siempre me ha gustado el tem ade piruetas y todo lo hice yo! >>> creicmiento personal, musicla y todo eso? >>> tu estabas en el gurpo y también con súbete a mi moto!" >> tu aún no nacías! >>> no, aún no! >>> pero has tenido un gran crecimiento y hasta la voz te ha cambiado. >>> así es y gracias al público por la oportunidad de brindar cosas diferentes y saludo a méxico que siempre me apoyan de la mañana i madre y mi familia y así. >>> te dejaste la barbita para mostrarte más grande pero no funcionó
Jan 31, 2013 6:00am EST
. it will be a fight for knowledge, and that, who ca cano that click is because essentially what iraq became, a fight for knowledge. are finish forces were the best in the world when we started, and were just amazingly good already at the. we could go anywhere with any firefight and hit any target, extraordinary. but that turned out not to be the problem. the problem was understanding what we got and driving it into more targets. so we learned that first you can't have a funk a aided system with different organizations controlling parts of it am one, because nobody is completely responsible. hey, i'm doing a great job of finding, but you have to have a holistic thing which is all contained with somebody who is driving it, plus a sense that everybody is responsible and everybody gets credit. now that's harder to do but that became the core of making our network work. that became the cycle. when we started it, it might take us -- if we had a target on day one, it might take us two weeks to get that information, digested and get to a second follow-on target. i 2006, we were doing three turns the night o
Jan 17, 2013 5:00pm EST
all afternoon. fair deal? you canoing to ask if come to the microphone. secretary, i will get to later in spanish. so don't go away. >> somebody else stay and do it in spanish. i cannot do it. un poco. >> he said immigration reform is going to be a priority. i was wondering if you can expand on that. what steps besides going on to the hell, what else can you do? -- the hill, what else can you do? we know there is discussion as to move what is going to be in the bill. there is a consensus that there is a discussion as to who is going to present the bill. should it be the white house? or should we wait for a bipartisan bill? what would you prefer to see you presented? >> let me answer the second question first, in my opinion, that discussion, the engagement, the exchange, these kinds of meetings should carry on for a little while because we are building a sense of consensus between people who had more disagreement an agreement. i think that will move ahead quickly. as the secretary indicated, there are a lot of other things going on right now in the administration. we have to get people
Jan 31, 2013 7:00am PST
latícanos cómo es tu diseño, tenemos este muchacho con el look norteño. >>> cada artista tiene su estilo, nosotros le damos la ayuda pero piden exclusividad. >>> tenemos muchos bordados que son característicos de ellos. >>> son caros los cristales. >>>cclaro que sí, es el mejor cristal. >>> el segundo look, es el look de leonardo aguilar, el hijo de pepe aguilar. >>> sí, de hecho la parte de atrás tiene el estilo, es un bordado hecho para él nada más . >>> esto tiene alguni significado la parte de atrás. >>> normalmente él busca un estilo peculiar. >>> original de él. >>> esto es el look de gerardo ortiz. >>> así es, él ha salido con este típico estilo le gustan estos metales. >>> tenemos un modelo especial para el día de hoy, verdad . >>> claro que si. >>> ahí viene ♪. (gritos) ♪. (aplausos) ♪. >>> alejandro chabán que viene esto sería como qué, un charro venezolano, qué nos modela alejandro chabán. >>> es un diseño exclusivo que piden las bandas, les gusta mucho, entonces, nos está modelando algo completamente de él. >>> cómo te sientes. >>> de ahora
Jan 16, 2013 7:00am PST
que te haga despertar. >>> me dolía la cabeza. >>>ppero van a ver ,primero que todo, explícanos qué es la reflexoterapia. >>> la reflexoterapia se basa en la acupuntura, lo que hace es crear presión con los dedos, con la punta de los dedos en parte del cuerpo, que son los puntos reflejos, los pies, las manos ,las orejas, la nariz, entonces, sabiendo dónde está el órgano, en los pies, las manos, las orejas, la nariz, podemos hacer la presión para poder crear más circulación. >>> por ejemplo, alan tacher dijo que le duele la espalda. >>> la espalda está en la parte lateral del pie y llega al dedo gordo, entonces podemos hacer presión, a la punta de los dedos, con la columna y dándole en la cabeza con la punta de los dedos y podemos hacer una ligera presión, también circularmente podemos hacer la presión en forma de círculos. >>> alan tacher qué sientes. >e>> l masaje como tal se siente rico, pero también mentalmente te vas relajando. >>> claro. >>> la espalda, la cabeza, me tomaba las pastillas hace poco, y el dedo gordo del pie es importante. >>> ahí veo que dice incisi
Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
to washington for the inaugural ceremony. sunday before known to the canoe will mark the ceremony at the white house. and then monday of course the public inaugural ceremonies with the swearing in of the u.s. capitol. i barack obama do solemnly swear that i will execute the office of president to the united states faithfully the office of president of the united states faithfully -- >> when chief justice john roberts and administered the oath to barack obama on generate 20 ifill 2009, there was a major problem. he was supposed to say that i will faithfully execute the office as president of the united states. so then barack obama stops, he p1used, smiled as if to say com1 on, this is my big day, you have to get this right. but unfortunately, he didn't get it right. so the very next night in the white house they did it again. this time roberts used notes which he hadn't used the first time and they got it right. >> supreme court's oral argument of the case deciding if police officers have the right to force suspected drunk drivers to give a blood sample without first obtaining a warrant. the ca
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